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Campfest Photos

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Campfest original Artwork  file

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O.K. KBO you outdid yourself. Even after a pot of coffee this one still hurts!

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Where's Woody

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festivus Shawn
Missing Have you seen Mrs. Kevbo?
The Wood Hunters
Casualty of Campfest....
Oops Casualty of Campfest....
Campfest 2003
Don't get wet!!
Campfest 2003 Campfest 2003 fun


Shawn Fanning the fire...
Merry Christmas.... Shitter's Full!
Sunday.  Cleaning up after....
What a crew!!! Mike Culver and Karen Cecere
Sheri and Sean Flanigan Scarey Jason!!!!!
Here isone from 2003
Who needs water?



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